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The ancient Jewish cemetery in the city of Sevastopol
three small child jewish gravestones early at the spring in the middle of the trees
the mount of olives to the old city of Jerusalem. Israel
Tombstones at the medieval Jewish cemete
the historic Jewish cemetery at Brady Street, Whitechapel, East London

The most important for the preservation of the nation is the memory about ancestors and milestones of past years


We set the task to make a very simple tool that will make it possible to digitize the cemetery (fast track), collect additional information about the grave and the deceased, make communication with the community, and between the relatives of the deceased, and with state archival organizations, and others.
E-Cemetery is a new level of memory storage


How wonderful it is that no one has to wait, but we can start right now to gradually change the world
Anne Frank, 26 March 1944


Zikaron App combines software, business solutions, CRM and ERP technologies, AI to make it as easy as possible for public access to information about burial sites.
E-Cemetery is a new level of public data management

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