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a Member of the 24th Knesset, Tatiana Mazarsky

A Member of the 24th Knesset,
a member of the Committee for Immigration, Absorption and Diaspora Affairs

I have learned about your plans for Jewish cemeteries digitization with great interest and pleasure. I fully endorse Your initiative of developing a specifically designed virtual space, involving Jewish Communities, alongside supporting communication between Jews around the world and thus creating conditions for preserving the memory the deceased. All this will undoubtedly be of great importance for the maintenance of historical memory, the formation of interest in national roots, as well as development of Jewish life in local Communities. Such initiatives are of extreme importance informer USSR and Eastern Europe countries, since the Jewish people had close ties with these countries for many hundreds of years, during which they enjoyed periods of prosperity and suffered from terrifying tragedies.

I am aware that the problem of Jewish cemeteries demolition You are dealing with is
extremely relevant and painful for every citizen of Israel and repatriate of any origin. It is extremely important for us that our ancestors’ graves would not be destroyed. Thanks to new technologies we would be able to launch a system for managing graves, taking care of them, alongside public control and protection. I am convinced that this activity will not be ignored by either Israeli or international charitable organizations.

As far as I am concerned, focusing on the role of local Jewish Communities in this project is most important. The development of comprehensive contacts with the Communities is regarded as our most essential task.

I will definitely initiate an appeal to the authorities to consider the use of all opportunities to support such public initiatives. I am sure that support should be provided not only in Israel, but also by our diplomatic services in foreign states.

I also consider it is important to continue the discussion of hereby initiative within the framework of specialized Knesset commissions meeting.

I assure You the progress of Your project will be followed by me with great interest. I would also like to be informed at every stage of its development which will enable me to aid and support this extremely timely initiative.

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