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4 Easy Steps to E-Cemetery

Step 1 _ Zikaron App


Install the Zikaron App (Community) on your computer, laptop or tablet. Find a cemetery on the map. Fix the cemetery site, fill in the information about the cemetery, enter the basic data, contact information


Install the Zikaron App for your smartphone. All you need to do next is a photograph of the grave. Artificial intelligence does the rest. After processing the data, the grave is automatically recorded on the cemetery map. Zikaron App can be installed on a smartphone by any person, relatives of the deceased, members of the Community, volunteers and others. After verification, the data about the grave becomes public information. A small cemetery, up to 2000 graves, can be digitized in 10 days without expensive solutions

Step 2 _ Zikaron App
Step 3 _ Zikaron App


This is public information now. Anyone can find this grave using standard search tools.
Now the following services are active: ordering maintenance and repair of the grave; ordering religious rites; participation of the grave in the charity program and many other services.
Depending on the local agreement, it is possible to book, rent or buy a place for a grave, order a burial into the grave of a deceased relative


Upload of available information about graves, photographs, archival information and other information can be done. 
Synchronization with the databases of the cemetery or funeral home administration can be done.
It will be very easy to reach the grave, because you will have a track from the cemetery entrance to each grave.
Various services, no-code solutions, AI, CRM, payment systems, etc. are integrated. 
Our users of all levels have access to all of this free of charge

Step 4 _ Zikaron App
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